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Watching the game and buying the team, Rodgers became the first NFL active and NBA boss. Aaron – Rodgers has long been a fan of the NBA Milwaukee bucks, and yesterday dragon watched the third playoffs between the Milwaukee bucks and the Boston Celtics, taking over the bucks. Yes, now […]

The chief will meet Mexico’s first show On Thursday night, the NFL Alliance announced the whole season of the 2018-19 season regular season. Prior to that, the NFL alliance has announced the schedule of the new season’s International Series. In the new season, London will hold three NFL regular matches, […]

NFL spring League end

Manzel was still uncertain On Thursday night, Jonny – Manzel led his Southern League to finish the second and last spring League. The league’s famous “question youth” entered the hugal period and tried to return to the NFL’s arms, which had been working hard for months and exposed himself to […]

A: NFL Alliance announced draft to rookie list Beijing time, 27 -29 day this month, the 2018 NFL show will be held at the home of the Dallas cowboy team at Arlington, Texas, USA, the AT&T stadium. This year’s show will be on the scene with a number of talented […]

football family Player

The strongest hand of the football family From North Carolina State University Bradley Chubb was born in the football family. If you look at this year’s draft, you will find another one from University of Georgia, named running Nick Cha B, who has attracted much attention. This is not what […]

The saints cheerleaders team and the courts, not equality provisions of discrimination against women Cheerleading is an accessory of athletic events which is spawned from American sports. Youthful smart dance and sexy hot body, you must admit that if NFL has no cheerleading team, it will be less interesting and […]

The NFL future of the Patriots?

Can the Patriots hit the super bowl next season? The off-season in 2018 NFL, the new England patriots by some very special circumstances, the team opened in the free market shortly after the team lost four games very influential player, the Patriots caught in a situation in a nice hobble. […]