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NFL player launches jerseys for election

Two former NFL players jerseys win seats in the house of Representatives In the US mid-term elections, two former NFL players won seats in the US House of Representatives. The former Anthony Gonzalez has won a seat in Ohio’s sixteenth constituency. The Republican representative won more than 56% votes, better […]

New Orleans Saints new Player Dez Bryant jerseys

Bryant, a former cowboy alien, signed a contract with saints for a year. According to Ian Rapoport and Jane Slater, the former denim takeover Dez Bryant jerseys signed a one-year contract with the saints. Bryant, 30, was laid off by the cowboys in April this year: he was an all-star […]

The dolphins have urged fans to vote and try to legalize sports gambling in Florida. The Miami Dolphins nfl jerseys want their fans to play sports reasonably and legally. Florida has recently drafted a state constitutional amendment to limit gambling and entertainment, and voted by the public to decide whether […]

2018 NFL jerseys trade wholesale

After half of the regular season, the performance of the NFL team in the regular season is still “a few joys and a few sorrows” after the drastic personnel changes during the off-season in the past summer. Alex Smith set a career-high number of passes (4042) and passes (26) when […]

NFL teams’ jerseys and skin are in the game

NFL announces cooperation with the fortress night. The team’s Jersey and skin are in the game. What kind of experience will it bring to the fans and gamers if the exciting NFL match is merged with the famous game Fortress Night, which is popular all over the world? On Monday, […]

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Cheap jerseys can be bought by searching for relevant keywords on Google. These jerseys are usually from China and are cheap and of good quality. The Mamba spirit reproduces the rugby arena, patriots take the field to break the dislocated fingers. When people are discussing the topic of “Brady VS […]

Arizona Cardinals 23# Chris Johnson jerseys

Runner Chris Johnson announces retirement On Monday, Chris Johnson jerseys 23# announced its retirement and ended its 10 year NFL career. Johnson was Titan’s first round No. 24 show in 2008, and showed his full offensive ability after joining the league. For 6 consecutive seasons, the ball has been pushed […]